Bijou Breastplate Necklace - Silver/Gold


OROPOPO is a collection of leather jewelry made and crafted by Grady & Karole, a husband and wife duo drawing from mythologies and iconography of the American West.

Together they combine the concept of site and culture with contemporary technology, love of the desert and its aesthetic qualities, into a unique design and narrative process. Their inspiration is drawn from Native American, classic Western, and New Mexican culture with the aim to discover a sense of the mythical in our everyday lives.

The Bijou Breastplate Necklace is double-sided; Silver on one side and gold on the other. 

Material: Leather, Oxidized Silver Plated Chain

Pendent: 2.25" w x 6.5" l 

Chain length: 30" long with 3 settings at 5" intervals.

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